Stay in Your Lane Where Life is Lovely

It has always seemed to me that when you spend a lot of time looking over the fence or engaging in other people’s yards, you are far more likely to feel out of sync with yourself, not to mention the amount of drama in your life increases exponentially. You become captivated by the drama. It can feel hard to extricate yourself from it until you realize, ‘hey, this isn’t mine!’

Everyone has their own lane here. They have their own yard space. When they take up their space, pay attention to what they want and stay in their own lane, their life is expansive, fulfilling and oh, so lovely. They experience very little drama. In fact, it almost seems like all the nonsense ‘out there’ just passes them by.

That’s because it does. It isn’t part of the experience they are creating. They are fully focused on creating a life they love in a drama free zone. And here’s the thing, everyone can do this. It isn’t just for the ‘lucky ones’. It’s for anyone who wants to design a life according to their innate being, compelled by their deepest desire and curiosity for experience and expansion. It’s for anyone willing to navigate by their heart.

When you trust your heart and allow your intuitive senses to guide you, you begin to go, not with the flow of what everyone else around you is doing, but you go by your own flow. Things become so fluid and delightful. Your lane is one of wonder.

This is what I call Intuitive Living. It was never intended to be an art form you’d need to learn but because we live in a world that insists on dismissing our intuitive sensory system, it has become something of a craving I’m seeing many wanting to know how to satisfy.

If you’ve noticed a hunger within you and if activating your intuition and living in your lane sounds lovely to you and something you’d like to learn how to do, I’m here to help you.