The primary vision for a new way of being is to let peace and love run our lives – to head towards joy, not away from fear. The new way is based on light, increasing awareness and clarity, to improve soul sight. We are here to experience life as love manifested, to exist as an expression of love, not ruled by the constructs of thought.

The era of conquest is over. We must lay down our swords and relinquish our lack and attack mentality. We must trade it in for trust. It’s time to trust we are universally supported, our true needs will always be met, and we are safe and loved because we are love. Nothing in us, as we are all one, is lacking or wrong. There is nothing to fix, nothing to heal. There is simply the release of illusion, to reveal the purity of truth so that we might fully embrace and be delighted by the joy that life is.


That we may embody the melody of life renewing.

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