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clarity on-call 

 intuitive assistance when you need it


You're going around in circles, having trouble seeing the forest for the trees. You suspect the answer you are looking for might be in your blind spot. You've journalled, meditated, googled, but you still can't quite see your way clear. You need more than a friend to vent to, or a shoulder to cry on. You need a second set of eyes, new information, fresh options, sooner than later. You want clarity. Now.


I help you get clear so you can get going. 


While you are sharing what's on your mind and in your heart, I can feel the energy around it. I pick up the patterns at play and what's getting in your way. I also get nudges and hits about what might help. These insights are from your sixth sense support and they are laser sharp.  Whether we're talking about thought knots that are keeping you stuck, intuitive guidance that you're having trouble hearing, or playing with possibilities and brainstorming around a creative stall, the goal of Clarity On-Call is to get you moving forward.


clarity on-call - it's an experience

Whether you want a single session, a delicious immersion, or on-going support, clarity on-call is a personalized blend of energy reading, intuitive coaching, brainstorming and numerology. 


  • ENERGY READING = Sixth Sense Support

When you want access to information that lies just beyond your physical senses

When I meet you, I always see your soul-self first. It’s like sensing where your soul-u-lar energy is influencing your cellular energy. In that sense, an Energy Reading is an opportunity to be seen in a way that very few of us are ever seen, as the magnificent shiny, bright beings we are. And from that expanded perspective, figuring out what you want to do at the role level, becomes super straight forward.

  • INTUITIVE COACHING = Fast Track Soul-U-tions

For whatever keeps you up at night

We all structure our existence with our thoughts; figurative constructs that become the literal building blocks (constructs) of our physical world. Sometimes they serve you well, acting as strong foundations upon which you can create your heart's desire. Other times they become restrictive cages you don't even realize you've built around your life. Suddenly your comfort zones, although familiar, become super uncomfortable. Intuitive coaching is a way to spot and untie the thought knots that can have you going around in circles.

  • BRAINSTORMING = Playing with Possibilities

When you need new ideas, fresh perspectives, or signature solutions

It’s fun to play with possibilities and recognize that creating what you want, whether it’s finally getting a good night’s sleep, or finding work that feels like play, is simpler than you ever believed. Often it's just a matter of recognizing there are more options on the menu than you first realized. That alone can unleash your imagination. Other times, all that is needed is a chance to take the pieces you have and mix and match them in novel ways. Brainstorming is the ultimate creative kick-start that opens new doors.

  • NUMEROLOGY READING = Life Review, By the Numbers

When you're curious about your life path, purpose, or recurring issues

Taking a look at your numerological itinerary can tell you alot about your themes, your dreams, and even potential schemes, that align with your soul intention. Reviewing the energies at play based on your current year can also help you understand where you are in the creative cycle, revealing when it's time for action or if you're in a period when resting would serve you better.

what clients are saying

"I knew I just needed an hour with Gail to get centered again. After our call, I submitted my work proposal and landed the contract."

"Gail is like a shot of wellness."

"After working with Gail, I didn't have that empty feeling anymore." 

"I just used the technique you taught me about letting my son match my energy instead of trying to send the energy through me to him. It was amazing, worked almost instantly."


clarity - it's only a few clicks away

All prices are listed in Canadian funds and include taxes where applicable.

All sessions are conducted using Skype, Face Time, phone, or text  (long-distance rates may apply depending on your telecommunications provider.)