Is Everything Going to be Alright?

Everything’s gonna be alright…..

Really, it’s all good. It’s all god so it must be all good.

These aren’t just cute phrases. They are beliefs. They speak to the orientation and vibration of the person holding them. Thoughts become things. Reality is purely relative and subjective because each person’s experience is unique to them based on the focus they hold within the frequency they occupy.

And everything else that is not on their radar, completely passes them by. It all remains outside of their experience. This isn’t about denial. To deny something requires first acknowledging it and then whilst holding it in focus, resisting it. Denial keeps whatever is unwanted, energized and in play. The same goes for pretending something doesn’t exist. You must first believe it exists to then pretend it doesn’t.

The situation with mass communication and the haphazard way in which information enters our awareness means things that don’t normally match our vibration are now continuously bouncing into our view finder. When we take notice, it is said they ‘grab’ our attention, ‘distract, overwhelm, and derail’ us. It is crucial though to recognize what is true here.

Nothing can take our attention, steal our energy, or force us to engage. We give things our attention and energy. We select our focus. We choose to become engaged.

Our thoughts direct our attention, energy and engagement. We alone, choose our thoughts. We alone, decide what to think. We alone, decide what to believe. We alone, pick what we will focus on and what we won’t have time for.

It’s crucial to understand this.

We are not victims of our circumstances or of other people or their experiences. We are not victims at all. We are creators and our thoughts are the blueprints of our creations, including our experiences. Our experiences are not outside ourselves. Our experience is entirely internal.

Holding and believing the thought, that it’s all good, that everything’s gonna be alright, providing we aren’t simultaneously holding and believing any contradictory thoughts with more energy given to them, means everything will be alright.

Once upon a time, when we didn’t know what was happening in other parts of the world, meant those things didn’t affect us. They were entirely outside our awareness and so literally remained outside our experience. In today’s world where we are continuously and instantly connected to everyone else, we are startling aware of what is happening all over the globe and suddenly everything is happening in our back yard. Suddenly it is a small world after all.

What this means is our awareness has expanded exponentially. Our view finder takes in more than our processor can accommodate. This is where the sensation of overwhelm comes in. Our receptor channels are swamped and our reactivity circuits are underdeveloped. For the most part, we are relying almost exclusively on our most primitive systems and are responding to the ever increasing stimuli accordingly. This is why the most commonly heard mantra is to ‘slow down and breath deeply’. It’s an attempt to mediate the panic that comes from feeling in over our heads and bombarded by the energy and circumstances around us.

The thing is, until our circuitry adapts, the best action to take is to exercise our power of choice. We can choose how we want to craft our reality. We start with how we want to feel. We arrange our focus by establishing thoughts that align with our desired experience. If what we think about hurts, that is a sign that our foundational belief constructs need inspecting.

By focusing on what we want as opposed to concentrating our efforts on changing, resisting or dismissing what we don’t want, directs our energy and creates a reality that is pleasing to us. Again this isn’t a denial tactic. This is free will. This is taking creative licence of our life and making it what we intended when we chose to incarnate. It is about choosing the vibration that best accommodates what we want to give life to in this realm, at this time.

And here’s the kicker. No one can decide for another what is ‘best’. ┬áThere is no best. There isn’t any singular right way. Waiting for every being to be on the same page is to waste the time and energy you have. However, using your energy to embue the vibe you most want, puts it on the map. It becomes more stable as others notice it, because their simple awareness adds energy to it. This is why giving a lot of attention to things you find unappealing, increases the energy of them. Every ounce of focus enhances it, brings it into clearer view, makes it more real for more.

We can stand in a vibration we do not enjoy. We can focus in and get a very clear view. Our added energy adds to how crystallized it becomes in our reality. And here is the important part. It can become our new normal or it can become the catalyst for choosing a new focus. It can be the inciting incident that provokes us to consider something completely new, something completely outside our current awareness. It can be the thing that stirs a new desire within us. And that desire becomes the seed for new ideas, new thoughts, new beliefs, new choices, new actions, new creations. A new reality.

So in this sense, it really is all good. It’s all god. It’s all creative fodder.

We can take our awareness of where our awareness or lack thereof has brought us right now, and use that to intentionally create alternatives.

As harsh as it sounds, we seem to need incredibly horrific incidents to bring our attention to the circumstances we have been blindly recreating over and over and even then we are reticent to move in a different direction. We are a species that still finds fear a more compelling force than inspiration when it comes to the choices, big and small, that we make. It often takes a giant stick to knock us off course.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

At any point, we can focus our attention on our emotion without acting on it. We can take the time we need to sort out whether what we are feeling is fear based or underwritten with love.

All emotion is E=energy in motion, and as such fuels the engine of creation. What distinguishes the energy of fear from love, is the direction of its propulsion. Fear takes us away from what we don’t want which has its uses, but where it destroys, love builds. Love always takes us towards what we want. It never, ever harms. That’s how we can tell which energy we are creating with.

The only question we need to ask when sorting our emotions that are underlying our choices is,

Are we burning bridges or building them?

So long as we keep our focus on building bridges, there isn’t anything we can’t get over. And from this perspective, it really is all good.

Everything really is gonna be alright.

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