Forget what you need. Aim for what you want

Want what you want, and you’ll find your needs are met.

Culturally we emphasize need as the vaulted one, and desire as the detrimental, to-be-suppressed one. The problem with this theory is that, need trips our fear circuits and sends us on a spiral and we find ourselves caught in a lack crack that can be difficult to pull out of.

Desire, or focusing on what you want to do, flings open the doors of the creative energy within each of us and allows us to not only see possibilities, but feel them. When we can feel what we deeply want, we are within tangible proximity to it.

We aren’t given genuine cravings without the ability to fulfill them. That’s what it is to be creative beings, which we are.

Notice when you have experienced creating something you wanted and how seamless it was especially compared to the desperate energy that gets thick and tangly when you focus on something you thought you needed. Notice how often the ideal gal or dude shows up when you stop needing a mate and instead just feel into how fun it would be to share the joy with another. This is what happens when we allow ourselves to want something. We move towards it.

When we insist on focusing on getting our needs met, we are actually moving towards the emptiness. We are turned away from our desire and are staring how our life is without it. It might seem like an irrelevant difference in wording but it makes a world of difference. It’s an entirely different reality.

Always put what you want at the forefront of your mind. Set your sights on it. Move towards it like a puppy following its nose, curious and delighted to be getting closer, and in no time at all, you will have caught up to it.

Then, with that yearning fulfilled, you’ll catch wind of something new.