discovering your soul tracks


Every soul leaves tracks; clues that mark where they have been, where they are, and where they are going. They are not always neon signs with giant arrows. More often than not, they are soft, faint, subtle. But they are there if you know where to look, and they will lead you home.


The Soul Tracks Series is a collection of classes that will teach you how to locate the bread crumbs your soul has been leaving for you to follow.



BY THE NUMBERS – Intuitive Chakra Numerology Class

Numerology is Source Code for the itinerary your soul intended. Like everything, numbers have a particular energy signature. Different numbers universally resonate at different frequencies. My belief is that we plot our itinerary for this life based on the experiences we want. We set up our numbers to support the vibrational frequencies of our chosen path.

Buried in your birth date and name, are clues to your orientation, your perspective, your strengths, and even your themes and dreams. Your birth date and name numbers map your intentions and your core, supporting strengths and characteristics.

Discovering the energies at play and the energies you tend to play with, can be both revealing and surprisingly affirming. I am continuously surprised by how after looking at a person’s numbers, suddenly their tendencies, curiosities, and inner drives, make sense.

In this class I will walk you through the calculations of your birth date, your birth name, and your current name.

You will learn how each of the numbers illuminates aspects of your path, including the core energies of your soul self, your role self, and your whole self.

You will learn how to read the archetypal patterns and soul themes in your name numbers and see how name changes can fill out the energies in subtle ways, act as detours, or be dramatic script changes.

In addition to uncovering your source code, you will be introduced to the chakras and Mayan calendar cycles as they relate to the art of intuitive numerology.


Five Week Telecourse

Starts Wednesday Feb 1 2017

10:00am PST – 60 minute classes

Class includes one private session: (30 mins) to review your numbers and answer your questions.


$325 (Cdn)