C what a difference a letter makes

If you have ever looked at your life and thought to yourself, ‘What on earth am I up to?”, this might be for you.

Too often in life, we find ourselves just going through the motions. We’ve lost sight of why we’re doing what we’re doing. We go to bed at night thinking about all the stuff we didn’t get to, and we wake up thinking about what we need to do. We hear ourselves saying things like, ‘I wonder what life will throw at me today.’ It feels a little like our soul has left the building.

In some ways, it has.

We are creative beings. If our body was a building, the sign above the entrance would have C-R-E-A-T-O-R spelled out in shining marquee lights. It’s a great sign. We can’t wait to occupy the building.

We move in, get comfortable, busy, distracted, overwhelmed….

Our ‘C’ falls off the sign.

We’re not paying attention. There are so many things to do….

Then one day, we notice how our formerly brilliant marquee sign has begun to intermittently blink on and off.

We look up and notice the spelling. The ‘C’ has been put back but in a different spot. Now, it says, R-E-A-C-T-O-R.

And we hear ourselves asking out loud, “What on earth am I up to?”

We’ve become someone who is reacting to everything ‘out there’. It commands all of our attention and takes every ounce of our energy because there is just so much out there. It feels like it’s all coming at us at once with no end in sight. And the truth is, it won’t ever be over. Everything out there is infinite. It will always be expanding. There will always be more.

We begin to believe we have to ‘handle’ it all. It’s as though if we don’t do something with it all, it’s going to do something with us, or to us. It’s one of those logical lies which makes it difficult to not believe and our life becomes a challenge to dodge, deal and defend. And it’s exhausting. And completely unnecessary.

Reacting is so yesterday. Literally, it’s an attempt to sort out what’s already happened. It’s a losing battle of responding to a hand that’s been dealt, something that’s over and done with. If it feels like, ‘what’s the point?’, it’s because there isn’t any. Yet there we are, doing it anyway.

Because we have forgotten who we are.

We are creators and creating is proactive. Creating is not just a way to get ahead of the curve. It means designing the curve, to our exact specifications.

Where reacting is literally re-acting, doing what we’ve done before over and over and over, creating is birthing something from within for the first time. Reactions are programmable, fully automateable. It’s why our souls can leave the building. Everything is being run on auto-pilot, no new input required. Creating though, that takes in-the-moment, on-the-go, checking-in-with-your-yearning, decision making.

We have to be present to be creating.

The entire reason we exist is to be continuously moving into new territory, expanding outwards.

We were born to do this.

So if you happen to be looking at your life and thinking, ‘What on earth am I up to?’,

I’m here¬†whenever you are ready to reclaim your creative license and begin designing the life you want to experience.