By the Numbers Look at the 2016 US Election

The 2016 US Election has been such a curiosity that I thought I’d look at it from a numerological perspective. The following are a few of the more intriguing highlights.

Donald Trump [Jun 14 1946] has a 4 Life Path and interestingly, although he is the male opponent, is the emotionally driven one. Rather than being ‘all heart’, the emotions he prefers are fear and anger.

Hillary Clinton [Oct 26 1947] on the other hand has a 3 Life Path and is all about action, a far more ‘masculine’ energy which is interesting given she is the first female candidate. She is known for her activism and demonstration of the old adage, actions speak louder than words.

While campaigning for the republican candidacy, Trump was in a personal 1 year (new beginnings and drive to stand out separate from the crowd, a very ‘I’ driven energy) which switched to a personal 2 year (creativity and collaborations, a very ‘us’ energy) a month before becoming the official candidate.

Clinton’s candidacy covered two personal year energies beginning during a 7 (intellectually driven energy) and resulted in her nomination as the candidate for the Democratic Party 8 months into her personal 8 year (manifestation of potentials energy). It will be interesting to see if that energy carries over or is properly replaced come the Election Day [Nov 8 2016] which is 13 days after the start of her personal 9 year (energy of letting go, paying it forward, releasing, giving).

Note the Election Day in 2016 is a 1 energy day which is beginning energy – ‘and now for something completely different’ – which both candidates represent for very different reasons. Clinton would be the first female president of the USA whereas Trump could potentially be the first dictator. Which it will be will depend far more on how voters perceive which candidate is most likely to represent what they want their next chapter to be than on the energies at play for either candidate. For some people, disrupting the status quo may be their vision while others may be voting against their perception of disruption on a perceived scale they cannot envision recovering from. Given the 9 energy of the calendar year which has been bombarding the psyches of everyone for 10 months by this point, with the highly charged energy of resistance to release and the pain of goodbyes for which the freedom of fresh beginnings is too far ahead to erase their deep grief at this point, it feels like a crap shoot who is more likely to win.

Whomever it is, the day after the election is likely to be the day the tone is set [Nov 9 2016] and may in fact be the world’s 9 11 (other than in the US and it’s overly adaptable northern neighbour which hasn’t completely committed one way or another, most people write the dates in the day/month/year format and not the month/day/year). Numerically Nov 9 2016, is 9-11-9 or 9-2-9 which has an interesting symmetry and is an 11/2 day (illumination/creative collaboration) within an 11/2 month (illumination/creative collaboration) within a 9 year (transformation). It’s an auspicious day indeed and which ever way it goes, is highly likely to be historically significant. It may very well mark the day of the beginning of the restoration of balance of masculine and feminine energies coming together, since Trump is feminine energy in a male form and Clinton is masculine energy in a female form. How it will play out in either version is yet to be seen.

Given Trump’s personal 2 year energy which will assist collaboration and cooperation while creating an abortive environment for controlling and competitive ways, taking the position of presidency could be a surprising softening and potentially compassionate direction, however his historically self serving patterns do not bode well for this sudden transformation of behaviour.

Another similarly dramatically divergent scenario could also transpire with Clinton being in a personal 9 year where acquiring the coveted presidency may allow her to release her striving and struggle and allow instead for the passing on, almost in a mentoring capacity, her core wisdom of activism for the greater good without the heaviness of any of the martyr energy which encircles her.

Again though whether the public and politicians she serves and works with are ready to let go of its collective barrier perspectives is yet to be seen.

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