There are infinite possibilities and choices but we tend to gravitate towards the same ones and think our options are limited. There is an expression, the sky’s the limit. But the truth is, the sky is not the limit, your belief system is. Join me and let me introduce the possibilities to you.

IMG_2313hi, I’m gail louise

  • I am the queen of clarity
  • I view life through a soul lens
  • I believe in infinite possibilities
  • I love love

My specialty is the ability to see the whole playing field and the moving pieces at the same time. It’s like sitting on the moon and looking down. I can zoom in and out at will.

I always see your soul self first. I can’t help it and I’m always shocked when your brilliance is news to you

I also see your well-being as clear as day. It appears to me beyond the beliefs that keep you from seeing it for yourself.

Having soul sight allows me to help you see yourself, your life and your options more clearly.

Patterns stand out to me. They show up everywhere and are super helpful when tracking your beliefs, themes and dreams.

I love playing with possibilities, sharing different perspectives, shifting paradigms, and showing you items on the menu you’ve never seen before.

Solving puzzles, developing strategy, and seeing options from which to design a life that’s guaranteed to make your current self jealous, is pure joy to me.

I am respectful of the past but I have zero desire or energy to stare in the rearview mirror. I will invite you to face forward with me, turning your eyes towards the horizon envisioning what you want to create.

I’m beyond thrilled when you discover your truth, trust your heart and take up your place. You become an expression of pure love.

Everything shines a little bit brighter.


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