art of intuitive living



There is infinite love, joy, and abundance,

and then there are all the ways we say

"No thank you. Not yet."


The art of intuitive living is about saying,

"Yes please", and allowing yourself to experience the magic.


I see your most expansive self and all the options before you.

And I invite you to see what I see. 


You will know when you are ready and when it's time to connect with me. 


 xoxo gail louise 


allow the magic

Imagine moving through this world based on your internal wisdom.

Imagine creating your experiences as an expression of your soul essence.

Imagine feeling whole and aligned with your deepest desires.

Imagine being led by love instead of reacting to your fears.

Imagine connecting with your soul team of guides, angels, and loved ones, all invested in supporting you.

Imagine saying, "yes please" and allowing yourself to experience the magic.

why any of this matters

You have evolutionary, survival instincts. 

You have your physically based senses and 

you have soul directed, intuitive, navigational powers

which in a world that has insisted on dismissing them, 

seem almost magical when put to use.


You don't have to struggle.


Life doesn't have to be one big challenge of mastering lessons before you die.

Relax. Simply being alive guarantees you are learning.

You can't help but expand your awareness. Everything adds to it.

That's automatic. No effort required.


Enjoyment. Exploration. Experiences that enthrall and excite you.

That requires intention.


When you allow the magic you drop your attachment to struggle.

You set your sights on what you want instead of what you don't want.

There is a world of difference between these two points of focus.

Literally, two completely different realities.

Self-directed. Line of sight created.


Your life goes where your eyes go.


Gain clarity around where you've set your sights.

Crystallize your desires.

Open up to your multi-sensory navigational powers. 


Create the life you want to experience.  


get clarity on-call

clarity on-call - intuitive assistance when you need it most - available via phone, skype, email or text

You yearn for clarity around blind spots. You love new insights and fresh perspectives. You are super curious about your themes, dreams, patterns and a wider lens on your life.

You want to experience a personalized blend of energy readings, intuitive coaching, brainstorming and even some numerology soul tracking thrown in for fun.

You are ready to say yes to the magic and discover how you can create the life you want to experience, instead of just responding to the experiences in your life. 

You want to check in with someone who really sees you, and you know it is time for you to see you too. 

And maybe most importantly, you want it to be fun. It's time for a little lightness, a lot of laughter, and yes, you want to feel the magic. 

what clients are saying about clarity on-call


"I knew I just needed an hour with Gail to get centered again. After our call, I submitted my work proposal and landed the contract."

"Gail is like a shot of wellness."

"After working with Gail, I didn't have that empty feeling anymore." 

"I just used the technique you taught me about letting my son match my energy instead of trying to send the energy through me to him. It was amazing, worked almost instantly."

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other magic being brewed for you

special events

In Good Company 

Chance to connect with like-minded souls at select online and in-person events.

For anyone who craves great conversation with like-minded souls. Chance to explore deep, intriguing, mind bending, soul nourishing topics, make connections, share, laugh and bloom like never before. These are not your standard book club, ladies who lunch, or cocktail party small talk gatherings. Fun and fresh perspectives guaranteed. Space will be limited for a richer more intimate experience.

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